Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sarcoidosis Treatment in Ayurveda

Name             :           Devendra Pralhad Patil
Age                 :           39
Diagnosis     :           Sarcodosis, AVN of both femoral heads ( stage 2)

 I did not have any medical history till I was 36. At the age of 36 i.e. in July 2008 I was suffered by dry hacking cough with cold and fever for 4 days, after that only cough continued for more than 1.5 months. During this period I had taken treatment for the same from 4 doctors who were unable to diagnose my dieses, my weight was reduced by 4-5kgs.

After that I visited a chest specialist, he asked to do Tuberculin Test. It was found negative. Then he asked to do CT Scan, it showed 7-8 larger lymph nodes in lungs, and in report they mentioned, “nodules most likely represent inflammatory pathology like Koch’s”. So doctor asked to do biopsy for doing AFB culture.  It’s result showed that it was not tuberculosis. From above all results he diagnosed it as Sarcoidosis in Sept 2008.

 For Sarcoidosis he started my medicines as Tablet Predmet 16mg X 3 per day. On very second day after starting above medicine my cough stopped. After that for each month my Predmet dose was tapered by 8mg per day. Every month we use to do chest x ray and Hemogram. In June 2009 all lymph nodes were much reduced during that period my Predmet dose was 4mg per week. As during these days I had no cough and my chest x-ray was also clear I stopped Predmet tablet for 2 months.

After that I found that my right leg was swelled. So I again visited my chest specialists, after doing CT scan for chest we found that Lymph nodes again started growing in size. So my doctor  again started Predmet dose as 48mg/day.

In mid of March 2011 my left leg started paining near hip joint while walking. That pain went on increasing so I consulted a physiotherapist. He advised for MRI of spine and hip joints, it showed AVN of both femoral heads (stage 2).  I met 2 leading orthopedic surgeons, they asked me to replace hip in max 3 months, and else they said I will be unable to walk after 3 months.

This was happened because of long term steroids intake( More than 2.5 years). Other ill effect on me were
-          My weight was increased by 12 Kgs
-          I had swollen face
-          I was suffering by cramps in my hands and legs
-          I could not keep my hand steady for 10 seconds
-          I was exhausted only after 6 hours of my daily work( even though it was not physical labor)
-          Heavy pain while walking, seating or standing due to AVN
-          Movements were restricted due to AVN
-          My daily diet was reduced

Then in May 2011 I met Dr. Pendse Sir for Ayurvedic treatment for the above two, he started my treatment from 25 May 2011. From 26 My 2011 Dr. Pendse Sir started my Sansarjana karma aahar and medicines, after end of first week I found myself with grown level of energy and I was able to do my full days work very well. After 1.5 months of medicines he asked me to do Panchkarma for 1 month which included,
-          Sarvang Abhyanga( Mardan)-With Mahamash oil
-          Snehan Swedan ( Bashpa Swed)-with Dashmul + Nirgundi
-          Pinda Swed – with Devdar + Punarnava + Ashvagandha
-          Shirodhara ( 15min- 60min- 15min)- with Mahamash oil
-          Anuwasan- with Mahamash oil (80ml) + Madh(10gm) + Saindhav(3gm)

During the period from March 11 to July 11, my leg movements were much restricted and pain was increasing day by day. I was not able to seat even on western commode, I could feel that now there is nearly no strength in my hip joints.

From 11 Jul 2011 my Panchkarma started at Seth Tarachand Ramnath Dharmarth Ayurvediya Rugnalaya, Rastapeth Pune – 11(Tarachand hospital). Here all the doctors who were completing their M.D. at Tilak Ayurved college and interns were doing all the Panchkarmas with a feeling of service to the patient, sincerity, with dedication and devotion. They do all the karmas with smiling face, enquiring and greeting every patient with a smile.

I specially thank following doctors for the whole heartedly done Panchkarmas,
-          Dr. Devang Patil
-          Dr. Kalpesh Chaudhari
-          Dr. Prashant Amrutkar
Also Dr. Amit Chavan, who use to meet me daily and make enquiries regarding improvements or problems if any. During my Panchkarma for anuvasana I had to use toilet, there was no handle for support in one of the toilets so I informed this to Pravin Mama. On second day I found that he got that handle fitted, with it’s support I could use western commode toilet easily. I was really overwhelmed by the care these people take for patient at Tarachand hospital.

The amount Tarachand hospital charged me for my 1 month Panchkarma was Rs.2600 whereas in private hospitals I got quotations from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 75,000.

 After first week of Panchkarma following were developments,
-          I could use western commode
-          I Do not have cramps either in legs or hands
-          My hand or body is not shaking, vibrating. I could hold my hand steady for more than a minute.

I had done Histogram after taking Pendse Sir’s medicines for 2 months, for the first time since 3.5 years my WBC count was well within range this time.

In last week of Panchkarma, Dr. Pendse Sir asked to do Virechan. After completion of it following are the results,
-          My swelling all over the body gone, my weight is normal now
-          No cramps in legs or Hands
-          No shivering/ vibrations in body
-          My energy level is normal, I can work for whole day
-          I can seat for 8 hours
-          My pain is negligible now
-          I can now move/ walk much smoothly
-          My daily diet is increased noticeably

Whole credit for the above improvements in my health is of Dr. Pendse Sir treatment and Tarachand Hospitals Panchkarma department doctors’ sincere hardwork, I am really grateful to all of them.

Devendra Pralhad Patil
( O.P.D. No    - 7434)